Decorating outside for Halloween


So this is my first Halloween in my own house, so I’d like to decorate the front porch. So far, I’ve bought some spider webs and one of those cute welcome signs (not so scary, though) from Target. (Did you see the black feather wreath from Target though? A little pricey, but very cool.) I think we’ll also try our hand at jack o’lantern carving. Here’s some other ideas:

Here’s instructions on how to make your own gravestones out of cardboard. I’ve also seen them made out of styrofoam. Maybe a hand coming up from the front of one?

Martha’s instructions on how to make a witch silhouette.  

If you wanted to go all out, here are a couple of my favorites from Martha.  


hanging photos on wire


Just wanted to share what I did to solve a couple of problems - 1. a big white wall, and 2. lots of photos and no frames (and the frames I needed (for med format photos) are harder to find and more expensive than already expensive frames).

I had a kit from Ikea with the wire and clips that I was hanging on to, but hadn’t used yet. I ended up using the clips and the wire from that, but not the wall hanging mechanism. Instead I put eyehooks in the wall and just put the wire in between those. The pictures are, of course, my own. I loved the way it turned out and that it will allow me to mix and match the photos with a minimum of effort.